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Ford Focus 1.6tdci Zetec S hissing issue

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Hi All. Losing the will to live with my focus at the moment. I have a load hissing noise coming from the drivers side of the engine.

Struggling to get up hills and over 2k revs.

No smoke or warning lights

Only happens when moving and accelerate after a while the engine management light comes on but if turn on and off it goes off.

Doesn't seem like it's struggling to pull it's just hissing loud and then the light comes on the limp mode. I can get up to 50 60 by taking it steady on the throttle.

Really struggling to figure it out money is quite tight and I'm going around in circles.

What i have done so far:

Turbo checked and reconditioned - was fine

Oil flushed and re filled

Filters changed when did the turbo and pipes were cleaned as a little mucky.

Head gasket looks fine 

Had a look at the pipes on turbo and intercooler couldn't see any thing wrong with any.

Thanks in advance hopefully get to the bottom of this soon 


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Have you had the fault codes checked?

It's possible that the EGR is sticking open or the air doser is sticking partially closed.  But it's most likely a split or lose boost hose when you've got a hissing, especially on the drivers side.  Look very carefully at the concertina pipes in particular.

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