Mis-firing when under load

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I have a 2006 ford Ka, recently when I have accelerated relatively hard (pulling out of a busy junction for example) the engine faulters as if it's not firing on all cylinders. On idle it runs smoothly and if I rev the engine in neutral it also runs smoothly. It only faulters when the engine is under load and seems to be between 1000 & 2000 rpm. If I accelerate slowly this problem doesn't occur. I have replaced the HT leads with no effect and been told (and by experience) it doesn't appear to be a fault with the spark plugs. Also I have not had any warning lights come up. Hasn't lost any oil or water and no sign of a leaking head gasket. Has anyone got any ideas as I do not have the money to keep throwing at it and cannot afford a new car.

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I would put a code reader on it. Not all codes cause light to come on, it might show a code for misfire on a particular cylinder which will narrow it down

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