Constant beeping noise C Max

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Hi all,

Last 4 days constant beeping noise coming from front Speakers. It is exactly the same beeps made when in reverse (auto box -- B-B-B-Beep, beep,   B-B-B-Beep, beep )  but that comes from the back Speakers. And when in reverse I get 2 of the same beeps front and back although not in sync.

Front parking sensors no longer make a noise but this could be due to the beeps drowning it out. I have had for several months now whilst driving ( a random continuous high pitch signal- very infrequent) only solved by turning engine off and restarting it. Some days it goes off several times, then nothing for weeks!

Y/day early a.m. no noise - coldish morning. Drove down to my 98 year old father-in-law approx 0.6 miles. When I came back out, the front of car had been in warm sun started beeping straight away. Don't know it this is relevant.

Rear parking sensors have never worked since getting the car 2 years ago.


Any ideas as to what could be causing this ( B-B-B-Beep, beep,   B-B-B-Beep, beep ) sound. Sounds like its coming from the front middle air vents although not sure?

If it is faulty parking sensors (I really hate them anyway) is there any way of disabling them without have to dismantle front of car?  PS I have no button in cabin for doing that.

Forgot to mention  No warning lights. car is otherwise running fine.  Borrowed mates bluetooth OBD - no fault codes



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Just to let you know, after being driven mad by this noise, I located the beeper below the radio/cd. Bought keys to remove radio located (with mirror) the round beeper stuck to the passenger side of the inner centre console with 2 black wires attached. After confirming this was the culprit I cut 1 of the wires, taped it and put it back in place.


Now noise free. As I don't need the front parking sensors (as I am equipped with eyes) blissful travel.



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Well not cured the fault but sorted the symptoms 😂, for what its worth I hate parking sensors, ive got surround ones it drives me mad i can be 4ft away from something at the side of me and the damn things beep, more of a hindurance than a help, i may be old but i can still see, i hate reversing  cameras too, usful on a 40fter but no need on a car.

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