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Focus Wagon 2008 with Jumpy idle, won't start and turns of randomly

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Hey all!

I have serious issues with my 1.8 petrol 2008 focus wagon. Most days it won't start unless you give it some juice with the gas pedal.

Idle is very jumpy going to 2000rpm, down to 300rpm, back to 1500 rpm and down to 500rpm until it settles after like 10 secs.

It has also started to just shut down when putting in gear 1 to ride away a lot of times.

It's like, when you clutch the rpm just goes straight down to the bottom and it jumps away as you press down the gas pedal.

Funny thing is my boss drives a 2010 wagon with the exact same issues.

Any ideas?


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Could either be the IAC valve or throttle body. But first check for any air leaks.

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