Diesel Gearbox on Petrol engine

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Hi guys, 

I have a 17plate fiesta stline. I have done a few bits to it and in the future am looking to upgrade to the Hybrid Turbo. I was looking at ways to strengthen my gearbox so it can deal with it but someone mentioned that a diesel gearbox should bolt straight on and will also improve acceleration? Any advice??



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I am not sure what engine you currently have but Ill guess it is the 1.0 EcoBoost with the 5 speed gearbox if so I started with the same and after changing the turbo I swapped the gearbox to the one from the 1.0 Focus 125Bhp as they came with a nice 6 speed. The only problem is its not the easiest job to do as you will to cut and weld the DS half shaft other than that its quite straight forward I did do a thread on the conversion. 

As for swapping your current gearbox to one from a diesel (5 speed) you will find that the ratios are higher thus slowing your acceleration down as you will have less torque at the wheels. I don't think that the box is any stronger also. 



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