Bizarre steering problem

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I have a Ford Mondeo Mk V Vignale Estate, first registered Oct 2016. I bought it in Feb 2019 and it has now done 38000 miles. It has 18" wheels now fitted with Michelin Cross Climate tyres, fitted 2months ago.

I am having a problem with steering, first noticed about 4 months ago, before I changed from Dunlop "Summer" tyres  and still occurs with the new tyres.

The problem is intermittent, not occurring on some journeys but then appearing many times on other journeys and generally at higher legal speeds.

The problem  usually occurs as a vibration through the steering wheel which has a pattern of 2 vibrations repeated 3 times : dit dit, dit dit, dit dit. ALWAYS in that pattern of 3 ( never 2, never 4)and nearly always (95% of the time) when turning in a shallow angle to the left (nearside). When occurring it will generally be on a dual carriageways as I move over to the left lane. (It is not the tyres crossing over the cat's eyes, although it has occasionally been brought on by hitting the cats eyes). I can sometimes anticipate when the problem is going to occur as the steering might become very light as if driving on ice and I know it will occur soon afterwards. I am now having it occur more often on single carriageway roads, the pattern is always the same and always on a shallow angle.

The steering has also, on occasion, become very heavy. When driving one becomes accustomed to the effort required to turn the steering-wheel  but on one 90 degree bend I had to yank the wheel to the left as I thought the car was not going to respond to the steering-wheel  and go straight ahead.

Although the vibrations are annoying, the car feels safe. What is more worrying is the difference in feedback from the steeering whan it goes light  and heavy.
I have had the vehicle checked over at the local Ford dealership but they have found nothing.

I was hoping that you may have heard of similar problems or could point me in the right direction of what the problem could be.  It would be nice to have Ford fix any problem before the warranty expires in October.

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