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Just saying hello after taking delivery of a brand new Edge ST-Line last Friday.

Still under 150 miles on the clock but starting to settle in to it.

Its replacing a Kuga 180 Diesel as we wanted more space and we’ve actually wanted an Edge for a couple of years but it’s taken the announcement that they are discontinued to bring the lease prices down a bit. Don’t get me wrong still paying a lot more than a Kuga but not that much more than a S-Max we thought about a couple of years ago.

Main thing for me at the moment is getting used to my first auto but initial impressions are good.

All I would say is that the steering seems a bit heavy but we’ve got the adaptive steering so I need to play around with it a bit.

Only other bit I’m not sure about at the moment is the collision monitor and the display in the right dial on the dash as I haven’t read up on what it all means at the moment. I’ve only got the collision monitor set to normal/standard but it never does anything. Whilst I don’t fully understand why the lines either side of the car image on the dial go green sometimes.

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The green lines are the lane keeping system. Not sure if the newer edge has the upgraded lane keeping where it actually assists in any way but the 2016 model edge it goes amber when you stray towards the edge of the lane and will steer the car back towards centre if continued towards the edge of the lane. Then if you go over the edge of the lane, the lines goes red and steering wheel vibrates 3 times.


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Welcome to the group!

They go green when the camera (in the top centre windscreen) actually detects the road edge/lane lines.

Settings for both the warning/assist levels for brake assist, collision assist and lane keeping can be set using the control on the left side of the steering wheel through the driver display.

Just a tip ... be careful about setting brake assist for the collision assist as it sometime gets false warnings when doing sharp right hand bends or pulling out past parked cars!!! Get used to the warnings and regular spots that it occurs before asking it to give you more assistance!  

Was my first Auto and I had a MK1 Kuga previously. Big change in comfort (especially on longer journeys), felt bigger to start with (but now its starting to feel small again!) and the Auto is just a dream (you need to put it in sport mode 'S' to really enjoy it :wink:).

Enjoy your new car, you'll love it.

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