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Hello everybody,

This is my first post on this forum, and I have an issue that I've been searching for answers online but can't find anything that deals with my issue, so I'll see if anyone on this forum has experienced the same. So, when I receive a call from WhatsApp I can't answer the call via the sync 3, I can only hang up the call but it doesn't give me the option to answer the call. But it's only the WhatsApp calls, not the regular calls.

I have a Samsung 7s edge and my car is a C-Max model 2017 with sync 3.


Thanks for any input.

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54 minutes ago, billyboy said:

Don't you need WiFi for Whatsapp to work

Certainly some form of internet hes getting  the calls so that not why its not working, but there is no option to add whatsapp or messenger to sync is why i think it doesnt work

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