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Hi all,

I'm currently on the hunt for my first C-Max and looking to spend up £3.5k and ideally want a 1.8l petrol and a Titanium, but as of yet not found one but have seen a few TDCi's come up. I don't do many many miles and are these engines troublesome? I have heard some have issues with injectors and don't really want to buy a lemon. Any advice will be appreciated.

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My Cmax has Lynx diesel and has developed some injector problem after 90+miles I have changed one injector but the problem reoccurs "Engine Malfunction Light " comes on and the car drives at 40 mph. Stop and leave it 20 minutes and it will start.

Fault is intermittent. Today it came on after filling with Shell V-Power diesel.

A mechanic who comes to the farm believes in adding mineral 2-stroke oil in with the fuel. Get the one with green appearance..

Parts direct sell a lot to diesel customers.

I am open to any suggestions as to the basic cause.

It certainly does not like TESCO diesel..

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