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Mondeo 2010 TDCi won't start

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I'm no mechanic so I apologise if I am asking stupid questions. I did try to search through the forum but I couldn't see what I was looking for. I am currently without work so am desperately trying to not involve a mechanic.

This is one of those times when symptoms change\worsen while trying to fix it.

When I tried to start the car this morning it didn't go first time. This is nothing unusual. I tried again and it intermittently began clicking. Each time I tried again there were more clicks until eventually it would only click.

My first thought was the battery so I got the leads out and attached to the other car. I thought it odd that there were no sparks. I let it run for 15 minutes tried to turn it over and only got clicks. I let it charge another 10 minutes but now when I turn the ignition on before starting the instrument panel lights go out and turning the key now doesn't even produce clicks. When taking the key out the central panel lights back up. Doors will shut remotely.

My simple mind says these are the likely problems

  1. battery
    1. Dead, so replace, but there has been no warning of battery problems
    2. Might just be low battery because it hasn't had a good run for a few months. But why won't it charge? Do I need to take the battery out and charge?
  2. ECU
    1. Don't want to even talk about this. If this needs replacing I would just scrap the car... I think

Any suggestions as to my next step?

Thanks in advance!






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Probably the battery.
If the battery is flat, no matter how much you run it, turn the ignition off and then on you won't be able to turn it on.
You can check the battery only under load to assess her condition, and only by electriton unless you have this device.

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As your car is a Diesel. have you tried to bump start it with a tow. that way if the car starts it will charge the battery up at the same time.

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