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Mondeo stops after about 30 seconds

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2004 mondeo new starter motor fitted by garage, drove less than 1/4 mile car stopped, started after a short while ran for a few seconds then stopped, no warning lights on garage towed car back to garage, diagnostic gave code for injectors,  bought second hand injectors  had them coded but car wouldn't start  so but the bullet and had my original ones reconditioned  by specialists , fitted injectors and had them coded yippee, car started (smiles all round) then it stopped again tired several times seems like same problem exists, whilst standing neer engine after it had stopped i heard a sort of rushing, girgle sound coming from the new fuel filter, tried running car with filler cap off still no joy,removed inlet pipe from filter no diesel spilled out, decided to fill Jerry can with diesel fed filter direct from can bypassing tank and feed pipes, car started an kept running fine using nearly all 5leters of fuel,any suggestions  to help me get my pride and joy back on the road, thanks in advance.




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Hi, the leakoff pipes have O rings on them where they go into the injectors. If you get just one O ring not sealing right, then air gets into the fuel pipe system and causes what  you're experiencing. Inspect the green O rings carefully, I think some ebay sellers do replacements. Also, the fuel  pipe O rings on the connectors to the fuel filter can get damaged  but I've only personally experienced the leak-off pipe problem. btw, you need diesel-proof ones, not 'normal' black O rings. 

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