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P301 misfire engine judder

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Hi guys ..

I have a 03 Street Ka ..Winter Edition .

I love this car ...but for the last 12 months ...she's been on the drive .

It start when the engine lost half its power on a drive out .

The engine splutters and the exhaust sounds like a Farmers Tractor .

This seems to happen 20 minutes in to a drive every time i drive her .

1 minutes she's in tip top driving condition ., then with out notice she goes from smooth drive to Tractor judder with 50% power .

Ive been to the Garage on 3 occasions after i bought a Diagnostic digital hand sensor = P301 misfire .

The Garage did a diagnostic test as well ..and replaced  Spark Plugs..H.T Leads ...and Heat Sensor plug .

24 hrs later after Heat sensor was replaced =" Chitty Chitty bang bang " Tractor noise and judder all over agian .

Some thing is getting stuck - sticky in the run of the Engine ...= Can it be an injector or valve or feul or something else electrical wiring ..?

This is a daily repeat = first ..she drives smoothly  .  Then 20 mins later = Tractor noise and judders .

I Love the car and want to keep her as a future classic = But i cant keep wasting money on guess work .

Can some wonderfull person with a depth of knowledge who recognises this on going - Hiden fault HELP ME PLEASE ..before i deside to get ride of my Loverly old Girl .

Answers on a post card please ..





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Well.....after a chat with a mechanic and leaving my KA with him for 3 days to drive and gauge the P301 misfire car judder .

He replaced the INJECTOR ...= JOB DONE .

Bee driving arround now for a week and no problems to report = End of Problem .

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