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Ford Mondeo 2,0 TDCI 115HP

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I currently have a 2004 Mondeo with the 2,0 TDCI 115HP engine. 

A few days back my turbo broke. I did by accident buy a electronic controlled regenerated turbo for a 2,0 TDCI 130Hp.

and it is not vacuum controlled like the old one. so my question is. could i fit this new turbo on my car or is it to much work?

Part numbers of the Turbo unit i bought.

GARRETT - 728680-5020S 726680-0015 726680-15 726680-5015S 728680-0006 728680-0007 728680-0009 728680-0010 728680-0012 728680-0013 728680-0015 728680-10 728680-12 728680-13 728680-15 728680-5006S 728680-5007S 728680-5009S 728680-5010S 728680-5012S 728680-5013S 728680-5015S 728680-6 728680-7 728680-9 OE - 1415651 1348168 1338614 1319219 1315729 1314540 1303893 4S7Q6K682EE 1358490 4S7Q6K682EF 4S7Q6K682EK 4S7Q6K682EG 4S7Q6K682EH 4S7Q6K682EJ 1435151 4S7Q6K682EC 4S7Q6K682ED 4S7Q6K682EL 1578770 4S7Q6K682EN 02JDE4199 02JDE4204 02JDE4490 02JDE9834 02JDE11405 JDE11405 4S7Q-6K682-EE 4S7Q-6K682-EF 4S7Q-6K682-EK 4S7Q-6K682-EG 4S7Q-6K682-EH 4S7Q-6K682-EJ 4S7Q6K682-EC 4S7Q-6K682-ED 4S7Q-6K682-EL 4S7Q-6K682-EN


part number of the stock turbo:


GARRETT - 704226-0007S 704226-0007 704226-0010 704226-10 704226-5007S 704226-5010S 704226-7 704426-0007 704426-5007S 704426-7 704226-0002 704226-0003 704226-0004 704226-0008 704226-5002S 704226-5003S 704226-5004S 704226-5008S 704226-2 704226-3 704226-4 704226-8 OE - 1201315 1126058 1S7Q6K682BH 1S7Q6K682BJ 1590079 RE1S7Q6K682BH 1S7Q-6K682-BH 1S7Q-6K682-BJ RE-1S7Q-6K682-BH



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What, you want to try and mod your car to take an electronic actuator instead of the vacuum one? (not possible) Or do you want to hopefully transplant your vacuum actuator onto the new turbo? I think the lever has a different throw amount but you could try asking same question on, drill down to Mondeo mk3 diesel

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