Ford Kuga 2015 Titanium TDCi Reverse Camera

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I'm having trouble with my reverse camera installation, I've installed cameras before but not one's that require editing software. I've wired it all off from the reverse light like I have done on previous cars, the camera is getting the voltage I've tested it with a multimeter but when in reverse the camera doesn't show on the screen.

I've seen some people on YouTube messing with Forscan to change the numbers to enable the camera, I've follow their guides and come to my Forscan screen of my car and all my numbers are different from the ones on the videos or guides. I'm not sure if I should just change the codes that they change or whether I should change all three lines to match his on the video, I fear that doing so could brick the Sync 2 and I do not have the installation files to reinstall the operating system

Forscan here is a screenshot of my car and the problem I am having is the top line is completely different from the videos and guides I've seen, one guy said his was 2330 in the first box as you can see mine isn't the same.

What will happen if I copy his codes, can I do this? should I just change the first box and the last few digits like he did? or should I change all three boxes to match his? will do either of these break the Sync 2 or is it easily rectifiable or will I require the full operating system installation again.

His car is not a Kuga so I can only assume that I can't so in essence I've answered my own questions but would prefer someone with the know how to clarify this for me.

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