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Barry Sanchez

Acquiring spare parts?

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Hi there, 

I'm after some parts numbers and confirmation of something if possible for a 2016 CMax TDCI diesel?

The first thing is the trim on the left hand side of my windscreen has come off but I can't seem to find this online to buy, I'd imagine it should be relatively easy to source yet I'm can't find it!

The next one is my rear left door seel has come loose and I was wondering how I could repair or even buy and fit a new one?

And lastly where on this model do I find the air pollen filter (links?) as I'm getting different answers.

Trim, seel and pollen filter.


Many Thanks

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Personally i'd give a local Ford dealer a ring and ask the parts dept - i had a quick look on and there are multiple colours available for the interior A pillar trim.

Afaik, door seals just friction fit, they're fairly easy to remove and replace as long as someone hasn't siliconed them on. If it doesn't appear to be holding onto the metalwork you can try first by squeezing it gently between some pliers/mole grips (with a cloth over the jaws) off the car to tighten the grip.

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