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Cmax Temperature gauge dancing

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Ford Focus C Max 2006 2 ltr Auto Petrol 74,000 miles.

Hi there,

In the last few days my temp gauge has gone wild. It never goes above mid point (where it normally is) but then instantly drops down to zero, then back up again and so on. Sometimes it stays mid point for quite a while. It doesn't seem to matter what is happening to the car (like a petrol gauge will go down when going up/down hill or cornering)

Investigation: Normal temp engine and heater. OBD whilst driving = 90-100c even when temp gauge is dancing. Water level and pressure seem normal.

No other issues when driving.

Is it a faulty gauge?

any help appreciated.


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4 hours ago, idrishouse said:

Thanks pragmatix,


Is the sender easy to replace and do you know where it is?

Sorry  dont know where it is but near the thermostat housing would be my guess, i cant look totally different engine to mine. But ad the car is basically a focus maybe asking on that board would get you an  answer.

A quick search on google  suggests it not in the thermostat but its on the cylinder head between spark plugs 2 and 3 there are videos on  u tube.

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