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Optional Warranty

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Excuse me if this is a n00b question I'm a recent addition to the Ford world.

I've been flicking though all the books I've got with my second hand Mondeo and noticed the section about the warranty.

It says that the base cover is 1 year and that FordProtect is an optional warranty for years 2 and 3. What does this mean exactly? I was under the impression the car was covered for 3 years /60,000 but the book makes it out as though you have to pay or opt in to this somehow.

Can anyone explain the warranty period in none dealer English please??


Paul :)

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Hi, It's not a 3 year warranty. My 14m old fiesta with 14k miles, has warped front discs and i'm told it's not covered by 3yr warranty, as brakes are only covered by 12m warranty. Not a 3 year warranty then, is it. Tyres at 14k will need to be replaced by 20k - and there's lots of complaints on forums about low mileage front tyre replacements on fords. Part of the problem will be the bad alignment causing uneven tyre wear. TOTAL BILL AROUND £300. Utterly shocking. Never buy FORD again.

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