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Problems With C-Max 1.8L Petrol

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Hi All

I am hoping someone can help me I recently purchased a petrol C-Max 1.8L on a 2005 plate and when I got it I noticed the thermostat was not working as it should be so I went to Ford and got a new thermostat along with rocker cover gasket which was leaking a little and both belts and a tensioner pully and gave it a full service also

Well since having them fitted the car now has excessive smell and leaves a black soot on the floor when you rev it  if left idling there is no soot but you can still smell something is not right I have no fault codes and the car drives perfectly with no symptoms of anything being wrong and I have no loss of power etc so I am really confused at to what could be going on does anyone have an idea what could be the issue?

Mileage is 65,000

Any help would be appreciated

Thanks in advance

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