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Ford Ka Mud Flaps

mandy moo

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Hi, I'm a newbie but I have been on here as an unregistered member since I've had my Ka 6 months ago. I'm hoping you can help me with a question I have regarding mud flaps.

I want to get some mud flaps for my 'new shape 2009' Ka zetec and I have come across a seller on eBay who I can buy geniune Ford front and back mud flaps from for £38. If I buy them, is it going to be easy enough for me to fit myself? Are there clear instructions? I think if it involves any drilling etc I'd rather not do it myself. How much does it cost to have a Ford dealership fit it for me? If the cost difference isn't much, I may as well have it done at a Ford garage.


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I've just spent 3/4 hr trying to refit a rear mudflap on an old style Ka that my wife had ripped off against a kerb. I bought new clips and simply can't find any way to force them on. I've tried hand pressure, a pipe wrench, a G-cramp . . .

Any tips appreciated.

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