Enable Cruise Control on PCM Focus 2.0 Duratec Flex

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Hello! Sorry for my google translator english, but I'm from Brazil, I have a Focus 2.0 Duratec Flex 2013, (Here in Brazil we consider MK2 but it seems to me that there in Europe is MK2,5 ??)

I installed the steering wheel cruise control, after that I opened the ELM-FF2 and activated the cruise control on the IPC and BCM module, everything happened good.

After that I went to ELMConfig (tried in versions 0.2.17c and 0.2.17b) to do the third step, activate in PCM, then when I try to load the PCM appears:

(attachment img1)

If I go to 'configuration' and try to load PCM it looks like this:

(attachment img2)

These steps I followed the VIDEO

Remembering that I have a genuine ELM that has the speed required for operation.

I also tried for Forscan extended, the PCM module does not appear to me.

I also have this other program, FoCCCus, but I never used it.

Thanks in advance to friends!



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