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Jessie Ka


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Hello everyone! thought i would sign on to the forum as it has given me lots of good advice over the many many problems my ford sportka has been giving me over the past 2 months

well lets start off with some pictures, this is Jessie my sports ka (Jessieka.... get it? lol) tis the se model with leather interior and air con, supprisingly most of it still works, as you can see she is 6 years old and has covered a little over 50,000 miles





problems have been thick and fast since i bought it, the lambda sensor failed, followed by a water pump failure which lead to a pully wheel bearing failure too, all 4 tyres have been replaced at an astronomical cost (£350) and more recently the drivers side outside door handle will not open the door, and the heater solenoid valve thing has packed up

anyhoo thanks for the fantastic website! i have learned so much about the problems with these cars, and can brace myself for what is to come lol


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