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Daft Question?


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Hey all, a few daft questions that are baffling me at the minute

basically the horn on a sportka is far too girly for my tastes, if someone cuts me up, i want them to know about it, and so am in the process of changing the horn, However, i cannot actually find it! i know what they look like, but the engine bay of a ka is so stupidy tight that i cant actually see where the horn is located... so... where is it?

secondly, im guessing the horn is just a simple 2 connector arraingement? and as such a horn from a larger car, say a mondeo or escort would fit? i just need something with a louder, more manly horn to... express my displeasure at some of the spanners on the roads these days, so which ford has the loudest horn? im guessing a transit van but thats just an assumption lol

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see that is what i thought, either in or around the front bumper, or behind the grill, i have searched all over these places and still no luck, i will just get a mate over to blow the horn whilst i look for it lol

it says you have a mondeo, what are the horns like on those cars? im just looking for louder and deeper than a ka horn

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I think the horn on my Ka is a pretty good 1, it certainly gets a lot of use anyway, particularly with all the idiots in 4WDs that can barely c over their steering wheels but just have 2 cut up a small car no matter what! Lol!

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