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Hi, just became a member on this site. Hoping for insight on mods etc. Have a 5 door mk6 fiesta zetec blue in frozen white with:

Hornet backbox delete

K&N induction Kit

Rear wiper delete

LED sidelights, 500k white main bulbs

Limo black tints

Subwoofer + JVC stereo

Tinted break lights

Have removed the rear badges also

I'm hoping to do a lot more in the future and joined so I could get assistance in doing so, im planning on getting 

ST150 front and rear bumper

New 16" JR26 alloys with new thinner tyres to be stretched

Installing camber bolts

Possibly rolling wheel arches for better fitment

Coilovers - want to be able to find a set that can have the car at stock height if needed while being able to lower about 35mm

Removal of rear seats and replacing front seats with half leather Fiesta ST seats


Removing ford badge front front grille

Painting fog surrounds and black trim on the car gloss black

Painting the inside headlight covers gloss black

Adding a sunstrip 

Removing side panels on the doors 

I don't currently have any good pictures, but will be sure to post them after my alloys arrive and are fited onto the car at which point I can take better photos of the vehicle. This is my first car and I am trying to make it a project car whilst not ***** off the insurers too much 😉

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