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2018 Focus 1.5 Ecoblue

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I have a Mk4 Focus 1.5 ecoblue which has been a complete nightmare. To be clear - I'm a relatively high miler so probably experiencing issues ahead of many others. Issues started with an amber engine management light which, when I contacted Ford Assist I was told would go out again if I kept driving it. This turned out to be correct and was apparently the engine re-calibrating emissions.

The problems really started in January 19 when the car started to run very poorly and suffered intermittent loss of power. To cut a long story short, the car first had a reset of the fault, then a replacement sensor, then a software update, then a clean out of a course pre-filter, then a replacement of said filter and finally a DPF replacement (after Ford technician was sent to dealer to diagnose - data says that the DPF may have an internal crack). 

I've attempted to reject the car back to Ford but they won't entertain it - the car is too old (16 months) and has too high mileage (33k). I argued that the fault has been under repair for the best part of a year and after 9 attempts to fix it I feel justified in throwing in the towel. The battle is now with the dealer to buy the vehicle back.

I've long been a Ford fan and this is actually my 7th Focus with a gap of 18 months with a Kuga and I've never had any trouble at all. My experience with the latest will bring to an end my run of Ford loyalty. 

Be interested to hear if anyone else has been suffering too?

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What type of journeys are you doing?

It is too old for a full refund but you might be able to pursue a pro-rated refund/buy back. The issue is that the fault started after 6 months from new so the burden is on you to prove it was at fault at the point of sale if they don’t play ball and you want to enforce your consumer rights. 

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