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Rear Number Plate Lights not coming out?!

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Hey guys,

Recently went out and purchased some Autobeam lights and all of them were pretty easy to install other than the rear number plate lights which for some reason would not come out. I think I ended up breaking the plastic clips that hold them in place as they now hang down from where they were originally. My question is as a result of having the Titanium X spec with reversing camera is there some sort of difference to other models because all of the videos make this install seem so easy!

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They usually come out easily, lift the boot lid so the lamps are at eye level, I found using the long side of a 3mm Allen key easier than a screwdriver, right hand side of the lamp is a notch for the key or screwdriver to go in,  go in at a 45 degree angle, then then lever it to the right, the right side of the lamp should pop out.

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I had the same problem the ali/plastic arm that secures them in gets stuck.Get a Pick tool pick set a straight one or a thin straight screwdriver wiggle it in and feel for the arm push it in and pull out.Picture red circle.


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