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Ford Focus 1,6 TDCI, 2008 problems

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Hi, first off all im new here so sorry if this is posted in the wrong place... A few days ago my car started to behave weird, was driving normally on flat road, but was so dead up hills(and there is a few hills here in western norway...) But if you stopped and restarted the car, then it was fine again for some km before it happens again. Then next day it was still behaving weird, but in a differant way. Now it was normall up hills if you had normall revs, but it was very slow below 1800-2000revs. Then next day it was changed again, now it was normal in general, but a bit... jumpy? (Don't know what word to use) when you started in 1st gear and the first secunds after you changed to 2nd gear.

So I got some diesel additive and put in the tank when I was going to refuel and then did a longer test drive. And it was then 100% normal, even felt like it was a bit better then it has been for a long time. And was same this morning in the way to work, you did not notice anything weird or wrong. Then I was sitting in the car for 1-2minutes outside office, and when I looked up from the phone I could see the engine warning light(orange) had come on. And did a short test drive after work, noticed nothing wrong, weird, bad sound or anything. So does any one have any experiance/knowledge about this?

(Also sorry for the bad phone typing...)

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