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New Vignale owner


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Afternoon all

New member just got our Vignale in Magnetic with pan roof & 17" alloys. I just think the seventeens look better. We could have gone for a black car with eighteens but Magnetic is stunning in my opinion. The car is 125hp and with just over 30mls on the clock I guess its still a little tight but im already really pleased with how this little unit produces its power. Notice it seems to have a very short 1st gear but the remaining ratios seem very tall. You only need 3rd gear @ 30mph but its a nice gearbox and I like the ratios. Steering is very responsive and brakes have a nice feel. 

Not had a Ford in the family for a while but the quality is superb. We moved from a 2013 Polo GT and dont feel any step down in quality or feel. There is a real feeling of luxury when you get in it. Im pretty sure you would have to spend north of 30k to get this kind of spec in something VAG and still not get the driver enjoyment. We have been used to a hard crashy ride in the Polo although it handled well the Fiesta feels in a different league of handling and ride quality. The Polo also carried a lot of tyre noise where the Fiesta is really refined. Partly down to the Michelin Pilot Sports I guess and the improved sound insulation. Oh and the B&O system 😍

Anyway brilliant car I can see us sticking with Ford and our dealer (Trust Ford Wilmslow) was just superb. They made it all about us and what we wanted. A new experience for us.     

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Should have added pics to make the thread a little more interesting although I guess you have all seen a MK8 before.

Awaiting collection @ the dealer




A couple poor interior shots I just took. 



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