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Room for a little one!


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Evening all,

Thought I would introduce myself as I have been trawling this Forum for a few weeks now.
I'm a middle aged bloke, and there you have it!!

I had a Ford Taurus 1.6 (Cortina in the UK) while serving in Germany in 88, wow, this thing really was Fix Or Repair Daily, lasted 6 months and said I would never touch a Ford again, that is until my trusty Seat Alhambra 1.9 TDi hit the 130k mark and needed some serious pennies spending on it so I reluctantly test drove (on a friends advice) a Ford Galaxy TDCi Titanium on a 2010 plate and 18k on the clock, well, the test drive went on for a little longer than the Ford dealer wanted but he did make a sale that day, I was well impressed as was the missus, could get both kids, mother-in-law, dog and all the gear for a 2 week break in north west tip of Scotland in with a little room to spare. I liked it.
After a few years and 50k added to the clock I sold it to a friend who is still driving it today, I was after something a little sportier but still needed loadsa room, decided on an 1 year old S-Max Titanium Sport iAWD that also had the X-Pac fitted by the Ford Dealers manager (It was his car) and with 6k on the clock, mint condition with every extra available, I mean this thing was fully loaded, another lengthy test drive and vehicle sold (there's a pattern here) loved this car and I had a TDI-Tuning box fitted, another few years down the line and me and the missus no longer needed the 7 seats (Mother-in-law can ***** hire a car) so we went out on a Sunday afternoon after Rugby to the local Ford dealer and saw the Edge, big, white, shiny ST-Line 210 and guess what, we didn't get it as it didn't have roof rails (need a roof box to get 4 body boards and wet suits etc. in) but they said there was exactly the same model in another branch without the pano roof but with roof rails and they could get it to them by the following weekend, bye I said and we drove straight to the other branch, chat, test drive (lengthy) and it's now sat on my drive.
I love it, TDI-Tunned CRTD4 box fitted (as with all the previous Fords except the Taurus as that was a flippin dinosaur) so now with 260bhp, loadsa torque and better fuel economy.
Still plenty of room for le mutt, sitting a little higher now, and wee bit wider 😉

One thing that has disappointed me and it's the reason why I came to this Forum in the first place (for advice and research) is the headlights, I could kick myself for not noticing before I bought it, they are not too good / bright as compared to the once the S-Max has which were 'magic'.
So I have opted for a full LED bulb replacement, just waiting for them to arrive.

So Germany, yes I served in the British Army from 1986 - 2000, I was in the REME as a Reccy Mech.
My missus also server from 1986 - 2008 in the QA's (nurse) we met in Bosnia.


Enjoy life, you only get one.

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