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Sportka engine splutters when warmed up


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When my sportka engine warms up it starts sputtering and the engine management light (which is lit) flashes. Or if I turn the engine off after driving for about 10 mins,  when I start it up it immediately splutters and there is a petrol smell in the car for about 20 seconds.

The fault code has showed fuel injector on cylinder 2 was faulty. That has been changed and the engine management light stays off but the engine is still sputtering and the emissions are sky high. Any help is very appreciated. 

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My fiesta has a similar type engine. I had this code and was advised to change the following.

Ht lead - did not fix it.

Spark plug. Changed it for a 1mm gap plug and it fixed it. The old plug was 1.3mm gap and looked ok.

Ht coil pack. Changed it because garage advised it was the cause of the fault.

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