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Mondeo 1.8tdci injectors


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Hi everyone as i am tight on budget very very tight i need someones help. 
I bought the car from auction. 
when it was delivered there was 4 injectors missing. Anyway I bought 4 from eBay. Fitted them back and the engine doesn’t start. I’ve been told i have to do remap. 
is there someone can do that for me? I am based in Essex Chigwell, or if there’s any technician who has a little bit spare time just to check the car at my driveway and give some advice. As I don’t have money to pay for recovery to take her around workshops. 
Thanks any help would be really appreciated. 

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6 hours ago, Mecho said:

Fitted them back and the engine doesn’t start. I’ve been told i have to do remap. 

Sounds nonsense to me. The injectors on the 1.8TDCI are not actually coded into the ECU. If all 4 are replaced then Forscan can be used to do a reset learnt parameters operation, but this would not prevent starting, just might run a bit rough until the ECU learnt the new values.

I hope the open injector pipes were well protected and scrupulously clean, All common rail diesels are very easily damaged by dirt in the lines. Air in the fuel line between the tank and the inlet of the high pressure pump is a common reason for failure to start, the low pressure side up to the pump is not self-priming at all. After the main pump, the high pressure section is fully self priming, it just may take a bit of cranking.

Forscan can also tell you if fuel pressure is rising in the common rail. You can get it far about £20 to £30, for laptops of smartphones, it needs an ELM327 adapter and a software download from forscan.org. I can give more info if wanted.

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I hope this car was really really cheap. It does sound a very risk thing to do to buy a car with the injectors missing. there could be a million things wrong that might not even be related to the injectors

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