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Grand c-max sync3 upgrade

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We have been in the market for a new car for a few months, despite not being in a rush, every decent model we find (looking for the new facelift model from 2016 onwards) has sync2. Even a model registered in Nov16 still had sync2!

I have read that sync3 is a major upgrade on sync2 in terms of usability. There is currently a titanium spec model at evans halshaw just down the road that is perfect other than having sync2!

What are peoples honest experience of it? We aren't that bothered about it being all singing all dancing. It would be nice to have sat nav (this model has that) it would be nice to sync phone to the unit and play songs through it and control the songs etc.

It would be nice to have some kind of usable voice feature such as changing temperature or the song/ radio station.

From what I have read online the main downfalls with sync2 are it is just a little clunky, especially a delay when inputting an address for satnav. This wouldn't particularly bother me as it would be only used occasionally.

I have also seen online you can upgrade to sync3 albeit at a cost, has anyone done this? Is it a worthwhile upgrade?

Many thanks


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