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54 plate Ford Ka Throws code P0117

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I have had the car for about 2 months now and 1 week ago the engine light turned on while I was driving but the car was running ok, so I continued my journey.

I bought a code reader, read the codes and got P0117. I have read a bit about it but I am not sure what to do.

I have tracked the sensor data using the live data functionality and when the engine got up to temperature it sometimes showed 140 deg for a second then went back to normal (90 deg).

I did change the sensor just in case, but the code came back. 

When I clear the codes the engine light comes on when I start the car from hot, but not when a cold start. 

Any ideas what could it be?

Thanks in advance,


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I took a look at the cables again and the exposed part looks ok, but I don't know their condition after they enter the engine wiring loom.

I think I will just live with the engine light on for now, since the car drives fine, even with the fan on full blast.

I also have a good guess what caused this:

2 weeks ago I cleaned up the blower motor as there was some debri that making a horible noise, and to get to that part I had to move the piece of metal that separates the engine bay from the water drains and the wiring loom was supported by the the piece of metal.

I thought that I was gentle enought with the wires, when I was moving them around, but not gentle enought apprently.


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