Ford Focus Mk3 2011 Speakers Upgrade

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Hi everyone,


I have few questions about upgrading my stock Speakers


I want to change them to Caliber Speakers - 3-Way Coaxial with Grills - 6.5in. (CALCDS16G) https://www.opieoils.co.uk/p-126001-caliber-speakers-3-way-coaxial-with-grills-65in-calcds16g.aspx

As far as I'm aware both front and back Speakers are 6,5'' in size.


Do I need to change the wiring for the new Speakers because of increased power (?) or is it going to be fine on stock wiring ?


Will I need a new brackets or can I use stock ones ? Will my stock radio handle these new Speakers ?


Many thanks for all the answers.





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The answer to all of your questions are answered in this video.... the stock wiring will be fine and the stock radio will sound better, well, I've no experience of Caliber Speakers but generally any new Speakers are better than the rubbish stock ones.



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thanks for the reply. I have upgraded my Speakers already but instead of caliber ones I have chosen JVC.


My question now is can I connect subwoofer with build in amplifier directly to my car radio ?



What I'm asking is is it possible to connect it directly to car radio without the need of connecting all the Speakers to amplifier ? I would like to leave all the Speakers as they are if it is possible.


Many thanks

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