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1.8 2007 Petrol Focus Cmax

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Hi new to forum but I'm desperate for some pointers to what might be wrong, firstly this is what car is doing, if you need anymore info just reply! (Hubby's driver but I'm just as much invested in her)

So worst time is when car warms up from cold start after being left overnight, she's fine to begin with but when warm if throttle constantly pressed so no taking foot off she judders very badly and when dropping the revs she will stall for sure and then if trying to start off battery as usually do it's a struggle but hubby has took to jump start kind of thing while driving using clutch (I'm not a driver but I think I've explained right 😂) and this has took the issue away of trying to start car again, but then after that first restart all is good, lack of power and jerking now and again but won't try to stall til left long enough to be a cold start then same thing will happen again... No codes at all and throttle body has been replaced, spark plugs have been replaced and air box and air filter replaced, she's getting worse and has especially gotten more consistent in the fault.


I've been told pcv hose and valve could be faulty by someone else offering advice but I'm not sure it's that as why would the car suddenly be fine again after restart albeit lack of power but less issues, I'm thinking possibly ignition coils, maybe camshaft sensor?


Any input would be great, she's a 1.8 petrol prefacelift MK1 focus cmax on 77K

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You might be better posting this in general or the focus area it's basically a focus and others use the same engine so you should get a better response sorry I can't be more helpful.

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