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Electric or mechanical fault?

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Ford Focus 1.6 2009

Hi Guys,

Hoping you can help. I'm not sure if this is an electrical or mechanical fault !

Two weeks ago car goes in for service/mot. They recommended replacing front suspension/steering part, wishbone & brushes. Also front passenger side tyre due to excessive wear on side of the tyre. I did notice it pulling to the left for the first time tonight.

Last week the car threw an engine malfunction warning, the dash lit up, gave a warning of reduced acceleration. The traction warning light stays on. This has happened quite frequently over the last week but not every time the cars been driven. It's my wife's car and only happened to her, it's been fine the couple of times I took it out.

In the last couple of days the car wouldn't turn over first time - no cranking, just dead. However on the second attempt it starts ok.

Tonight I took it for a battery test, it's fine. 

So I originally thought it was a faulty instrument cluster but now I'm wondering if a steering sensor is causing the engine fault & traction warning light due to the suspension/steering issue. What's got me stumped is why the car doesn't turn over - that appears to be random & happening even when we haven't had the engine fault for a few days.

Any ideas?

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