Ford Focus Titanium X automatic gearbox issue?

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Hi Everyone.

I just have a query... we have a ford focus '63 plate with the automatic transmission.  Car only done 14000 miles from new. 

We have had three weeks and all has been fine.  However we took it out yesterday and the gear stick moved from DRIVE to NEUTRAL.  We did not catch it, it just changed on its own.  The car slowed down so quick that we were literally thrown forward in our seats!  Not a pleasant experience.  Oddly, after this happened, I was able to select DRIVE again and the car drove perfectly well with no repetition of above?!

We took it back to Ford and they did every test they could on the car and nothing showed up - they told us that everything is fine and that we need to collect the car!  We argued the toss but they didn't want to know UNLESS it happens again.

Obviously there must be an issue even though their test showed nothing?  I have never known a fault to just go away unless something is done, right?

Can anyone on here offer me any advice or help please?

Thank you to all replies received.  We just paid £7500 cash for this car and it has come with a 6 month warranty.  The engineer at Ford stated clearly that they cannot work on a car that has passed all the tests!!!  BUT this definitely happened so it must have a fault?

Cheers :)



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Nowadays everything component is measured and checked by a diagnostic machine if a road test and the machine shows no faults there really isn’t much a dealer can do . There’s a call to a Ford technical if they can’t advise they will send you on your way till the fault returns unfortunately that’s the way it is nowadays .  If I was you I would contact a gearbox specialist for their specialist advice after All they probably see more auto gearbox problems than a dealer would At least you will get consensus 


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Thanks Gary for replying.  We did contact an automatic gearbox specialist earlier and he said that there was a fault with these cars changing from D to N.  Also he said that just yesterday he had had someone else in with the exact same problem.  It is very annoying that Ford didn't want to help and just turned us away bearing in mind that this was/has been an ongoing problem for a number of years now and which they will be fully aware of!  The car drives like new and being a Titanium X has all the extras  etc but this issue has just made us wish we hadn't have bothered with it now.  Its just really disappointing and no interest from Ford whatsoever.  Cheers Gary 🙂

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