rear park sensors

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Good evening all, I have recently joined up here.

I have a question - after having changed my radio to a double din car play/auto android my rear sensors started playing up - sometimes worked and sometimes didn't. after various checks and wasted time there was no fault that could be found.  Therefore today I have the sensors removed and had new rear and front one fitted, totally speearate form new radio with their own Speakers - these work great.

I now have the 'i' on my dash stating that park sensors need servicing - I know this is because they have been disconnected but I wanted to know - how do I reset this, or which fuse to remove to deactivate this 'i' or will I need to take carto Ford - hoping not to as am sure there will be a considerable cost and with covid - long wait times.

Any assistance guides would be apricated.

Thank you all.



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