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Big problem with my Ford CMAX 1.6 TDCI T1DA


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Hi all,

I have a problem with my ford cmax 1.6 TDCI 115CH de 2012.
The problem appeared during a long drive. Passage of the car in degraded mode
Diagnosic of the garage owner: 4 HS injectors + EGR valve except that he did not have the parts to change the injectors.
I had to go home (900km I was on vacation).
the maximum speed of the car was 90km / h
it is at 600Kms that the car got into fault with the engine, immediate overhaul with a bride at 2500- 3000 rpm max
I ended up going home.
I changed the 4 injectors and following a passage of forscan, I noticed a code error: accumulation of soot.
I remove the catalyseur DPF . It was hard. The connector between the dpf and the exhaust was welded by the rust !
I cut the screw with a dremel .I washed h the dpf just with water but i don't see dirty water .
The water who exit is clean like potable water with a llite part of soot.I wen up the dpf and i 've had a P244D error : Temperatur too high for the regeneration but after a lot of acceleration this problem is cleared.

I read that the injectors on this car, need some learning and to do this, i need to take the road and mounted to 3000tr/min and let the car decelerate by itself but i have a problem.
The car goes in degraded mode with the DTC P029B -> limit min injector and the DTC P00BC->air flow too low. 
So i decided to check my MAF , MAP, RPM, but for me the values is correct :



But i check the value of the throtle on forscan ( TP).

TP=100% when the car is off
Is it possible that the throttle is the problem ? 
I will wash the MAP and the MAF and change my air filter.
Sorry for this big texte and for my bad english :) but you are my only hope

Best Regards


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If your engine is the same as the late model MK 2.5 Focus then when you switch the engine off the TP Valve should fully close for a few seconds then cycle on/off several times before parking itself fully open, ready for the next start, so 100% would be correct.

If the valve does not move at any time then it could stop the DPF Regeneration.

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Thanks for your answer .

Ok i will make an another test.

One thing, it's very complicate to startup the car. I must try 5-6 Times before to start to powerup ans the RPM is very instable. If i dont push the accelerator, the car Switch off... Thanks so much this is the first forum that answers me

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1 hour ago, flyb87 said:

Hi all,
he car keeps stalling if revs arent kept up. 

it's maybe a problem with the pressure of gasoil ?


Best Regards

Sounds to me like it’s either a problem with your fuel pump ,or  what a friend of mine had is he stalled his car and the power dropped before that , he was running his engine dry, so maybe check your oil level. You never know 

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Thanks for your answer.

I checked the lvl of the oil , it's okay.

But when i go toi the road in 2nd , thé consommation of the car go toi 60L/100 !

That's so Big 


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i advance slowly . My ECU is : SID807 , i see on a site , after the change of the fours Injectors by a new pieces, we need to update the ECU because the ECU dont know the new injectors. 

I'm not talking about telecoding but updating the ecu database. Does this speak to anyone ?



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@flyb87 if You still have this issue going, try using the Forscan. With this programm You can tell the ECU (PCM) what are the  correction codes of Your injectors. Instructions to be found in this video *CLICK*.

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1 hour ago, EmdoPL said:

if You still have this issue going

I would like to think after 26 months the OP has sorted his problem 🤣

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