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Convers+ compatible sat Nav head unit replacement/upgrade

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I am about to get the fuse changed on my ford/blaupunkt Travelpilot FX in my 2010 Mondeo mk4 1.8tdci titanium pre face-lift.   I am crossing all my fingers that this will result in it switching on again,  as it has no power to it at the moment, no lights behind the buttons etc.

But,  if the fuse is replaced and it still won't turn on, and the unit has died:

Is there a head unit sat Nav I can buy that will still show the menu options on the convers+ steering wheel display? 

Right now all the convers+ is showing is the trip computer.   It used to show navigation choices,  my phone book via bluetooth, Aux, CD etc etc.

I know I can buy a replacement head unit.  But I specifically want all the convers + options back so I can control it from the steering wheel menu buttons.  In other words a Ford convers+ compatible head unit. 

Does such a head unit sat Nav exist? 

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Only Ford OEM units will do that.

You can get steering wheel interfaces for controlling aftermarket stereos but you would only have "settings" and "trip computer" displayed on the convers screen.

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Thankyou.  Oh that's a shame you'd think one of the android or win ce head unit manufacturers would have thought to input/output to the convers+ display, it's my favourite feature on the car really.  Looks like I might have to repair the travelpilot FX  i have, or find an identical unit on ebay, to keep convers+ integration.

Wonder if anyone knows, if I find a Travelpilot *NX*  (the OEM *touchscreen* mondeo mk4 DVD sat nav) - can i put that in the bay the fx is in and will THAT talk to convers+ ? + bluetooth and aux sockets working normally ?  Ive seen a few but all the pics have the climate control and parking sensor buttons facia attached to them for some reason, the problem being that the parking sensor buttons are in the wrong place - below the sat nav.   my windscreen heater and parking buttons are ABOVE the sat nav.

Also does the mondeo voice control button work thru the head unit, or is that a separate computer ? The button on the steering wheel where you can say climate/temp/22 degrees thing and it does it.

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The NX unit needs a few bits changing to fit.

The black plastic cradle that the FX is screwed on to has to be removed and replaced with one designed for the NX. You'll also find that the NX unit's have the fascia included as they are specific to the NX unit and pretty well integrated together, the facelift Mondeo has the buttons below the touchscreen and the original models have the buttons at the top.

Then you would need elmconfig or similar to tell the ecu you have a different type of headunit in order for the climate control to work again.


I know as I recently went though this in reverse as my NX unit died so I had to replace the cradle, the fascia, climate module etc in order to fit an aftermarket unit.

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After all that, battery died again this morning so I replaced it with a brand new, more powerful battery from Halfords - and everything switched on,  including the Travelpilot FX, everything working normally.

So it turned out my head unit is working normally after all.

I did read elsewhere that the Travelpilot FX is “very sensitive to low voltage ” so perhaps it switched itself of or chose not to turn on sensing low battery power? 

Thanks for your help regardless. 

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