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How to find the right Steering Rack

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Hi all,

I've got a 2011 Ford Focus LW Ambiente, with a "Steering Assist Failure" coming up with complete loss of power steering.

I want to replace the steering rack, as from what I've read it is the only option.

Unfortunately I'm in Australia, where a refurbished option is hugely expensive.

I just need some clarity on determining which rack I can use. I have had conflicting advice from mechanics/parts specialists.

  • Ford dealer tells me I need part HV6Z3504EW
  • Wreckers/Mechanics have told me as long as the car has 16" wheels, I can use any rack
  • I have bought a rack, but have been told it is the wrong model by someone on the forums (HV6C 3D070). Is that not going to fit?
  • My VIN starts with WF0K, build date Oct 2011

Can someone please clarify:

  • can I use any Steering rack that's come from a 16" Focus?
  • If I'm buying from a wrecker, is there a particular year/VIN that is less likely to have the rack fail again?


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The only difference for larger wheels are rack limiters which can be easily added or removed.  

I'm afraid I don't know whether those part numbers are interchangeable though.


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