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Has anyone encountered this problem and what it was..

Two weeks ago, in my way to work the EMS light came on ”engine service now" and the auto stop/start switched off, and it went into a limp mode. It didn't appear again after work so I assumed it was an error as I'd just had it serviced in December. 

Yesterday it came back on, as soon as I hit 70mph, the light came on and it went into limp mode with the auto s/s off. It was as if the turbo had gone. I could throttle but it would take forever to speed up. Because I was out and about stopping and starting it would reset each time I turned it off. Starting up again and reaching 60 it would do the same. It got down to hitting 50 before doing it. It disables the turbo and turns off the auto s/s each time

I had a feeling it was to do with the DPF, sometimes it would allow down for a second before resuming. 

My mate reckons it could be the battery, that would make sense with the auto s/s issue.  

I took it to the garage where I got it serviced yesterday and they will get it in on Wednesday but the mechanic says it could be a sensor issue. 

So I'm wondering if anyone faces this issue and knows what it is and if my car is ok to use for now until I get it to the garage, I need the car for work. 

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