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Hi new to the club obviously. Had to replace my 08 kuga as a nice gentleman ran into the back and at that age replacing the bumper was too expensive! 

I hope to get the car next week and was wondering if there is anything I need to look out for on collection or in general? 

Looking forward to it!

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- If it's got the adaptive LED headlamps. Check there's no warnings on the dash. You'll know if there's an issue as the full beam won't work. Make sure in general there are no warnings on the dash as with any car.
- If it's got the sunroof. Check it closes fine and doesn't slow right down as it gets close to closing. Check there's no cracks in all of the roof glass.
- Haven't had this issue myself but check rear light unit isn't full of water. (It is common that you get condensation in there so that is to be expected). Search the forum for conversations on this topic).

They're some "common" faults I'm aware of but some others might add some. Other than that there's probably countless little niggles with the Edge that people find but as the same as most modern cars. Other than that, it's a nice car.

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Is it Automatic?

Has it done over 36,000 miles?

If yes to both of the above, make sure it has had the auto gearbox oil change.  If not get em to knock around £300 off the price because it needs doing

If not automatic no problem, the manual gearbox doesnt need any oil changes

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They have done a full service including changing all oils and fluids including the gearbox oil. They have just sent a couple of photos. With my location and the current situation I have had to gamble and get it delivered. But its looking good.


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Thanks guys. Yeah most of the lads have said its a beast 😁. I liked the silver most and like you said it was pretty tough to get hold of one as there isn't that many around. The wife is loving it she has been using it as its half term. Just need to read through the manual to see what tricks it has up its sleeve. Nice motor there Dave 😉

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