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I’ve used the Ford Pass App on my phone previously for my Edge, which did not have a modem and now use it with my 70 plate Kuga that does. The app allows me to unlock and lock the car doors and even start the car remotely using my phone, so I can warm the car up without unlocking it. Today however instead of the app opening as usual I got a list of conditions to accept as if this was a new download. When I try to accept the conditions I get an error. I’ve restarted my phone in case something went wrong there, but no change. Any ideas ?





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Ok so I have another issue with the Ford Pass App, but this time it’s showing a defect on the car. The engine management light has come on and despite me not noticing any reduction in power, I get the error message shown as follows...

Diesel exhaust fluid I assume is Ad Blue ?  So the heater that heats Ad Blue is not able to do so quick enough to mist it into the exhaust due to the cold temps freezing the Ad Blue.  At least that’s my interpretation. It suggests the car can go into limp mode, but haven’t had that as yet. I’ll get onto the dealer tomorrow. 


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That suggests that the heater is not working at all either because of a fault with it or the wiring to it. The description that the App gives you is not always technically correct, but the true fault code(s) will give the dealer enough information to do a proper diagnosis and fix.

Because the temperatures have risen today the car may not go into limp mode until the temperature goes below whatever the critical temperature of Ad Blue is.  

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Cheers, seems a bit odd that a car sold in the UK has a system that can’t cope with the cold in the UK.  And we are by no means the coldest country these are sold in. I would have thought if it wasn’t working at all, the car wouldn’t let me go anywhere, since the addition of Ad Blue is a requirement of its compliance with emissions legislation.

I’m going to call the dealer tomorrow anyway to see if I can get it booked in. 

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