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Ford Edge Question/any ford sales guys?

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My company is giving me 30k to buy a car. I am a foreigner just relocated to PA. Basically, there are some rules. It needs to be a Ford, GM, Jeep, Nissan or VW and it will belong to me for personal use.

The consensus was for me to buy a new VW Tiguan (long warranty etc) or Nissan Murano etc.

I like wrangler but with the options, it is definitely out of my budget and mostly my wife will drive the car and she needs more tech than Wrangler.

I have stopped by at a Ford dealer and saw the Ford Edge and quite liked it. I am not able to buy a new edge with all the options I want but a Cpo edge titanium looks possible? Most of the cars I have seen have 301 tech pack. Which versions of these cars have Android auto and apple car play? Also, blind spot monitor, which trims have it?

Last but not least, what do you think about Edge? I know it will depreciate fast but is it a reliable car? Ford CPO vs regular 2nd hand any real difference and going forward will it be expensive to fix it. Planning to hold on to it for 5 years.

What kind of discount should I expect from from a 2nd hand ford Edge titanium trim. Do I go with truecar value and that should be enough?

Thanks for all the answers.

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Im afraid this site is UK based. We don’t have the same spec of engines or trim of Ford Edge here as you do in the US. You may be better searching for a US based site for a more accurate response. 

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