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Was driving my KA zetec 65 plate today, when all of a sudden, for no obvious reason, the clutch started to have loads of play, and the biting point was pretty much on the floor.  After stalling a few times, I managed to pull over but then the biting point was so low, I couldn't get it into first.  The car has 35k miles on the clock and has been serviced every year so far so I don't think its the clutch itself...maybe the master cylinder or the plunger?  I'm struggling to get a good look down there since the steering column is right over the plunger.


Does anyone have any ideas?


Just trying to see if it needs taking to the garage or not.

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You have lost all the clutch fluid.     Check the level, I think you will find the master cylinder reservoir empty.  Filling it may get you to the garage but I would suspect either a failed seal or pipe.

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