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Can any one help please,, my cmax is playing up dont know if you can help, its a 2007 automatic 2.0ltr petrol ghia, when you start from cold it runs fine then after about a mile i can feel the engine hunting , i have to stop or it will cut out, when i do stop it hunts for a few seconds then cuts out, to restart it i put my foot on the gas pedal gently press it to the floor , hold it there then restart, it then turns over revs to about 6000 revs for a second,returns to normal tick over speed, and then runs brill for the rest of the day, i restart it like i have flooded the engine if you know what i mean, , no warning lights on , no engine management warning lights, i have replaced coils,plus etc no difference,did a little problem with the EGR valve a couple of months ago but that used to throw on the Engine warning light, thats not coming on anymore, i am baffled, its as though as the engine gets warm after about a mile the temp sensor or whatever the c-max has is either staying on or knocking off early , any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks

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