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Ka Electrical/Ignition Problems

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Hi All,

I'm looking for some advice/help about a problem my 2008 ka is experiencing. 

Basically, everything inside the car looks as though the ignition is on: the dashboard lights are on, the radio is playing, the windows roll down e.t.c.

However, my key is not actually in the car. When I put the key in to start it, it won't start at all, not even a sound but the electrics are all on even when the key is removed.

I'm completely stumped as to what this might be. The AA man who came to see it has said it may be to do with the ignition but both him and a couple of garages I've spoken to have never seen this in a Ka. 

I'm just wondering if anybody has any ideas as to what it might be, if they've had something similar in a ka or if anyone might hazard a guess at how much it might be fix it (I'm hoping it is fixable)

Any help is much appreciated, thank you!

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I would suspect the ignition switch.   Is the steering locked?     If not, I would suppose the key barrel has become detached from the switch itself.  If you unplug the switch everything should go off.     There is a short cable leading from the switch to the plug which will be under the dashboard somewhere.       You can also detach the switch itself from the lock barrel and see if it turns with a screwdriver in the slot.

Ka ignition switch.jpg

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