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2012 Ka with poor steering "feel"

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Hi all, we have a 2012 Ka 1.2 as a runabout for our eldest son and as it happens more so for me! Decent enough wee thing for what we paid but as it's about mid 90k in mileage it's starting to show it's age and I've already learned a lot regarding how to take it apart to fix things! One big issue with it is the poor steering feel with the electric power steering. I probably need to point out that the other two cars in our family is a brand new Fiesta ST Line which has very good steering feel and also a modified 1973 Mini Clubman which goes without saying has excellent steering feel with no steering assistance. So the Ka feels a bit vague in the dead ahead position, it tends to want to slightly wander. Also when turning it feels slightly disjointed as it were, a bit like driving a site dumper or similar bit of construction plant! It's just gone through an MOT and the tyres are showing even wear so I don't think there's any big problems with the various steering joints, but I probably should get an alignment check to confirm. So do these little cars in general have good steering feel or are they known for not being that great in that department?

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