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Flashing Indicators whilst parked

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Hi All

I have a 2010 facelift cmax and my neighbour has just pointed out to me my indicators are flashing whilst it's parked and locked. When I had a look only the drivers side front and back were flashing. It's a bit weird as the car opened on the fob and started ok and the indicators went off, the hazard light switch and the indicator stalked all worked as they should so shut the engine off only to find that now the passenger side are flashing but not the drivers side and the car won't lock on the fob only manually (but will unlock).I tried all the switches with engine off to no avail.

Any advice welcomed. 

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Sounds like a BCM issue. Get a diagnostics scanner pluged in and see if there are any fault codes logged.

Does your car have the parking light system fitted, the ones operated via the indicator stalk ?

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