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MK6 speedometer & odometer issue

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So, I have an 06 Fiesta mk6.


It’s got a few issues, which I hope are all related to each other.

Basically a couple of weeks ago the speedo and odometer just stopped working (Speedo won’t move, odometer and trip computer just show dashes).

I’ve tried to run the diagnostic check, but it does the gauge sweep (which appears to work as the Rev counter, speedometer, engine temperature and fuel gauge all go up and down), but then it doesn’t go onto the LED test, it just stays on gauge sweep.

The ABS light is also on, if that makes any difference.

Hopefully someone can shed some light on what the issue can be, as I’ve read it could be the VSS, the ABS sensor, the ECU or the instrument cluster.




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David mate, honestly I've just been through this nonsense.  Have a look at my journey:


My car is the non-ABS model, so not sure if your VSS is on the output shaft or on the wheels.  You'll need to check that.  Attached is a shot of my offside shaft from underneath.  20200903_151120.jpg shows the VSS to the right of the picture with the silver heat shield tape round it.  If it's the same on yours, I'm happy to help if I can as I'm a bit clued up with it now.




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